The fencing section of "Escola Desportiva de Viana", in collaboration with "Câmara Municipal de Viana do Castelo", the Portuguese Fencing Federation and the European Fencing Confederation, invite you to participate 

- European Circuit EFC U14 (Foil and Epee Male, Foil and Epee Female) 

- Open Viana U17 (Foil and Epee Male, Foil and Epee Female) 

Which will take place in Viana do Castelo on the 13th and 14th of January 2018

For more information please visit

Since the first Junior European Championship which took place in Viana do Castelo in 1999, and 10 stages of the Juniors’ World Cup from 2001 to 2010, Viana do Castelo has the pleasure to receive one stage of the European Circuit EFC U-14.


European Circuit EFC U14 (athletes born in 2004 or younger)

Open Viana U17 (athletes born from 2001 or younger)


The registration should be sent to

Payment can be made at the competition day.

European Circuit EFC U14 - 15€

Open Viana U17 - 10€


Saturday January 13th 2018 

08:30h – Opening competition area 

9h30h - Confirmation and registrations payment EFC U14 FM; EFC U14 FF

10:00 h – EFC U14 FM; EFC U14 FF - Competition beginning 

13:30h -- Confirmation and registrations payment U17 EM; U17 EF

14:00 – Competition beginning - Open Viana U17 EM and EF

Sunday January 14th 2018 

07:00h – Opening competition area 

07:30h – EFC U14 EM; EFC U14 EF - Confirmation and registration payment

08:00h – EFC U14 EM; EFC U14 EF - Competition beginning

11:30h – U17 FF; U17 FM - Confirmation and registration payment

12:00h – Open Viana U17 FF; Open Viana U17 FM – Competition beginning


"Centro Cultural de Viana do Castelo", Praça Marques Júnior – Viana do Castelo, 



EFC U14 - 1 poules turn to 5 touches followed by direct elimination to 10 touches 3x3 min.

U17 - 1 poules turn to 5 touches followed by direct elimination to 15 touches 3x3 min.

Suits range 350 N or 800N (FIE) with underplastron 800N. Mask 350N or 800N. Blades nº 5 and less. Every type of grips and blades are authorized.

Open Viana U17 - Masks with conductive bib are mandatory

EFC U-14 European Circuit - Masks with conductive bib are not mandatory


For Fencing Clubs with more than 4 registrations 1 referee will be needed. For more than 9 registrations, 2 referees will be needed.

The payment of 100 € for each missing referee will be required.

For any referee related question, contact


Only 2018 licenses will be accepted. All Portuguese or foreign licenses or FIE will be accepted. EFC licenses not required.


The organization does not cover accidents, theft or loss of any kind regarding athletes or audience.


Any protest or complaint will be directed to a "jury members" consisting of Portuguese and foreign members.

The registration implies the acceptance of the rules as well as the consequences that can occur.


Reserve em: 

Price for one night, from 13 to 14JAN2018

Duplo/twin - Single occupancy– 50€00

Duplo/twin - Double occupancy– 55€00

Triple – 65€00

Price for two nights, from 13 to 15JAN2018 or 12 to 14JAN2018

Duplo/twin - Single occupancy– 90€00

Duplo/twin - Double occupancy– 100€00

Triple – 115€00

Price for three nights, from 12 to 15JAN2018 or 13 to 16JAN2018

Duplo/twin - Single occupancy– 120€00

Duplo/twin - Double occupancy– 135€00

Triple – 150€00

Reservations must refer to Fencing Viana Tournament

The organization of the championship offers a room (single or double) for fencing clubs with more than 4 registered athletes.

These hotels present low prices and there will be transfers by minibuses provided from Oporto airport to Viana do Castelo hotels/accommodation and during the weekend to the competition place.

The transfers cost is 20€/person. The pre-book has to be done by email to, indicating the flight number, time of arrival and provenance

Notice: The organization will provide other hotels if necessary. Only the hotels referred above will be served by this transportation.